Hunt Gather Love


HuntGatherLove was a site about food, agriculture, evolutionary bio, and diets inspired by evbio (paleo, etc.). It is now archived.

Waterproof And Resistant Barefoot Shoes For Summer Or Winter

29 November, 2017

Yesterday marked the first day in Chicago of cold autumn rain. And certainly not the last. Being an avid walker in all types of weather…

The Perfect Minimalist Sandal

23 April, 2016

I’ve been on the hunt for the “perfect” minimalist sandal for years . For me that means a couple of things: Durable and comfortable for…

After The Paleo Diet- The Good And Bad Of It

01 March, 2016

Sometimes I think about deleting this blog. After all, I started it to talk about “paleo,” a diet I no longer follow. Largely I eat what I…

Just Kale Me- How your Kale habit is slowly destroying your health and the world

31 August, 2013

Note: if you do not plan to read the whole post, please skip to the last section Kale is one of those vegetables that everyone thinks is so…

Reasons for your worsening stomach problems on a paleo/ low-carb/ ancestral/ gaps/ etc. diet

16 September, 2012

With all these success stories about people feeling better on various diets, I think we forgot the people who sometimes feel worse. Probably…

Why Paleo didn't fix my IBS

06 January, 2012

 Now that it’s been over four years since I first heard about “paleo” diets, I have been reflecting on how such diets have worked for me…