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Woman, the hunter

This is what you will look like if you eat tasty animals

Some of the most common comments on blogs post related to the NYT paleo article seem to contend that we are idiots because meat was a rare treat in the paleolithic and most of the food came from women who gathered tubers and nuts.

New York Times Follow Up


Wow, in really really exciting news, I and the others from the Eating Paleo in NYC group were featured in the New York Times in an article called The New Age Caveman and The City. I am very proud to have been involved in this article and the paleo community in the city. 

The Missing Aquatic Aspect of Paleo Diets

 In the mainstream scientific community there is a consensus that there was a major dietary shift that occurred in our evolution which allowed us, as humans, to have the large energy-hungry brains we have now. The most largely accepted theory is that it was hunting down large predators on the savanna. The Wrangham hypothesis that it was cooked tubers is getting press lately because he has a book out. But there is another theory that I think deserves a look: that our move from chimpanzee-like primate to humans was when we started living by the waterside.

Demeter's Legacy

Treating GERD with the paleo diet

 My story about healing GERD was featured in Marks Daily Apple last year and received a very positive response, but also some comments from people who tried eating paleo for GERD and did not have success.


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