What's on the menu lately

I'm finally updating this page, which I hadn't updated in almost a year. Not that much has changed except I have less meat since I haven't had time to source for meatshare lately. Fewer vegetables because it's still the dead of winter and I only go to the farmer's market in the winter sporatically. Another change is that there is a ton of fermented and canned stuff, to the point where I have almost no room for normal stuff. 

Here are a few of the things I've made lately

The back from left to right is

  • Two jars of homemade buttermilk. It's so easy I didn't even use a recipe. Just 1/3 of the Kalona buttermilk + milk in a jar, shaken, and left out on the counter for 24 hours. I've been using the same culture from the original Kalona for a few months now. The small jar I am making into fresh buttermilk cheese. The second a just drink like kefir.
  • The very white jar on the right is coconut milk cultured with buttermilk. I am using that to make a coconut cream cheese. I got the recipe for that from the cookbook Maximum Flavor: Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook. I'm thinking the leftover coconut whey might might an interesting lacto-fermented ginger ale.

The front from left to right is

  • Lemon curd (I used butter) made from a variety of lemon known for a slight ginger flavor from my cousin's garden
  • Preserved lemons from The Ancestral Table. I think most "paleo" cookbooks wouldn't be on the market without the paleo term applied to them. Most are just bad cookbooks with terrible recipes. But this is one of the few exceptions. It doesn't try to "paleo-fy" standard foods, it simple looks to the wide world of cooking to find classic recipes that are already made with meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and some limited grains. 
  • A "tangerine terrine" of preserved tangerines from my cousin's garden.
  • A Bajan Pepper sauce, but I added a bit of ghost pepper. Which I regretted because it took me forever to clean the toxic hot residue from my food processor.
  • Homemade mustard. This recipe was my base, but I used some Japanese hot peppers and a lot of black pepper, plus some caraway.

As for other stuff

  • a ton of odd lemons to make into various recipes
  • eggplant for caponata, which is one of my favorite things to put on everything to make it more delicious
  • kale for kale chips
  • a frozen beef tongue, and pork belly. A small amount of bacon. I really need to order more meat!
  • harvest butter from Nordic Creamery
  • a truly excessive amount of fish-sauce heavy kimchi I made from The Kimchi Cookbook
  • Delicious "bread" cheese. If you can get it, I recommend it! Drizzle maple syrup on it and it tastes like pancakes!
  • probably too many hot sauces, plus a ton of dried peppers for making it
  • Empanadas and cheese puffs from Cassava for when I'm too busy to cook
  • Eggs, kind of a no brainer here
  • Some chickpea flour for socca and buckwheat flour for pancakes
  • Tangy tongue-tingling sansho peppercorns

That's a lot of it. I probably have more. But if you wanted a peak into my kitchen, I hope you enjoyed it!