What the bleep do we know about carbs?

I realized something hilarious today. Dr. Jack Kruse is the What the Bleep Do We Know? of Paleo. You know, that pretentious movie about "quantum physics" that was actually woo dressed up in scienecy language? Here is a fun game, which quotes is from Dr. Jack Kruse and which is from What the Bleep Do We Know?

a "If thoughts will do that to water, imagine what our thoughts can do to us."

b "One thought might just alter your DNA!"

c "Now that quantum mechanics has crashed into modern biologic theory, we have finally found out why we think the way we do with our brain. "

d "Each cell has a consciousness, particularly if we define consciousness as the point of view of an observer."




A and D are What the Bleep Do We Know. B and C are Dr. Kruse. I also find his random references to "quantum" to be quite hilarious and it reminds me of a Richard Feynman quote:

"If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics"

It's also self-experimentation gone awry. For example, while self experimentation is great for finding what works for you, I'm not interested in someone beating a dead horse about carbs with anecdotes about how eating some blackberries prevented them from sleeping last night (that's one real robust Paleolithic-style metabolism right?). Self-experimentation works to place yourself on the bell curve, not to place others. It's like, cool data point bro, but maybe I'm on the other side of the curve.

Think a little bit about the fact that Dr. Kruse is a headlining speaker at almost every upcoming "paleo" event. Notice something about these events? Notice the complete lack or very small amount of evolutionary biologists and biological anthropologists? I don't know if they were even invited, but most of the ones I talk to would be too embarrassed to be part of the circus where people are having to debate whether or not 100 grams or starch is SAFE. It's almost like a joke. 

See its in my reality......it needs to be added to your own. Until you become consciously aware of that limitation......you cant enjoy that new reality 

More posts from people who have Balls and are willing to call Dr. Kruse out on his bullshit (I'm hoping more prominent bloggers will discover their balls in the future):

Carbsane has also written quite a bit on Dr. Kruse. I have a feeling that self-diagnosed "leptin resistance" is the new "candida."

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