Sekrit Paleo Outposts of NYC


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Eating paleo has become surprisingly popular in the urban jungle of New York City. Our meet up group has over 500 members now and paleo vectors like Crossfit are also growing rapidly. Apparently some paleo operatives have even infiltrated restaurants, influencing their menus.

One of these is Lodge in Williamsburg, which is offering a paleo special as part of Crossfit Virtuosity's paleo challenge:

Crossfit South Brooklyn's influence can be felt, oddly enough, at Bierkraft. Grab a gluten-free beer, kombucha, or cider and ask for paleo "muffins" or "meat stick." Hmm.

Meanwhile in Manhattan, a new joint called 4food offers grass-fed meat kebabs and on their survey they ask what type of exercise you do. Crossfit is one of the options! I haven't tried their food yet though, but I plan to sometime soon.

Other cult paleo hits in Park Slope are Get Fresh Table and Market(their nightly prix-five is almost always completely paleo) and Palo Santo, a Robb Wolf favorite. Any I'm missing? I love that paleo is influencing the food scene here!