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If you thought yesterday's bullshit about stone age grains was fun, get a load of this. Somehow Reuters managed to turn evidence of ground starch into evidence for "bread." But we can't blame the reporters entirely. The scientists seem to have imagined that the ground starch was made into pitas and are parroting it for all to hear.

"It's like a flat bread, like a pancake with just water and flour," said Laura Longo, a researcher on the team from the Italian Institute of Prehistory and Early History.

If you read the actual paper, there are 0 mentions of bread or dough. If there were it wouldn't have gotten past peer review. Evidence for cooking hearths would have been groundbreaking, but there is no such evidence in this study. It really throws a negative light on the scientists here that they would spread around something they didn't have the courage to try to peddle to the scientific community.

Besides that, few hunter-gatherer cultures that grind starch make bread from it. That's extra work. Most use ground starch for porridge-like concoctions which are often fermented to improve nutrition.

Reuters, after not having read the actual paper (maybe with budget cuts they can't afford sci database access), takes a dig at the paleo diet:

The findings may also upset fans of the Paleolithic diet, which follows earlier research that assumes early humans ate a meat-centered diet.

Also known as the caveman diet, the regime frowns on carbohydrate-laden foods like bread and cereal, and modern-day adherents eat only lean meat, vegetables and fruit.

Um, who here eats a paleo diet of lean meat? Raise your hand, because I don't know anyone who does. Maybe they should have done some actual investigation. And to frame it as being about bread and cereal is idiotic as well. There are plenty of sources of starch that are nothing like bread or cereal, and which many, if not most, paleo dieters eat: yams, chestnuts, carrots, etc. I guess I didn't get the Reuters bulletin and I'm not actually eating the paleo diet...