Melissa Had A Little Lamb


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January Food+Tech Meetup With Wholeshare and Meatshare from Food Tech Connect on Vimeo.

This week I spoke at a panel at the Food + Tech Meetup about Meatshare. There are some good tips in there I hope for those of you interested in truly good meat. I credit the program with really improving the quality of my diet since I now have regular access to meat and don't have to shop very much. I shop only for fun items and not as a chore. All the meat I need is in my chest freezer. I do shop for vegetables, but usually not often since I usually have some pickled carrots, beets, or cabbage in the fridge. Gallons of pickles + chest freezer = never venture out in the cold for an annoying shopping trip again. Now if only I had a seafood share...

I strongly encourage people to look into purchasing whole lambs or goats. They are 20-60 lbs. 20 lbs is not a lot and most people can fit that in a normal freezer. And yes, every part is worth eating. You'll discover parts you didn't even know you wanted! You'll have plenty of tallow for cooking with too! And bones for stock!

As for things being hard to cook, I think people set themselves up for failure by trying to do things too perfectly. Normally I just sear the cuts like chops in tallow with rosemary, black pepper, and cumin. The braising cuts go into the crockpot on low overnight with a cup of wine and a cup of water. Then I put that in the fridge in the morning collect the tallow that hardens on top, save the liquid to use as broth, and eat the meat seasoned with sea salt and pepper. Sometimes I do fancy recipes, but most of the time I keep it simple.