The Fermented Cod Liver Oil Disaster

Writer David Gumpert reports on a controvery at The Weston A. Price Foundation over fermented cod liver oil, particularly the Green Pasture brand that the organization promoted. 

Well, that simmering dispute has now exploded into a major controversy, with a report by WAPF’s vice president, Kaayla Daniel, contending that Green Pasture cod liver oil, which has been repeatedly and heavily endorsed by the organization, not only isn’t fermented, but is rancid, is a poor source of Vitamin D, and isn’t even from cod.

Unfortunately since supplements are pretty much unregulated, those are the only two sources we have to go off of. An alternative to regulation would be third party certification of some kind, but that's not a player here either. But I'm overall inclined to believe the data from someone without a vested financial interest in the product over its makers, though it's more a case of reasonable doubt than anything else since Daniels isn't an expert in lipid chemistry and she's the kind to associate with the odious Mercola and her doctorate is from the questionable Union Institute. It's telling that the owner of Green Pastures has "has several lawyers studying the report," rather than sending out samples to a reputable third party lab. I can't find any data on the lab WAPF says did their tests--  MidWestern Laboratories, though there is a Midwest Laboratories. 

It's a cautionary tale on how intertwined the diet industry/movements have become with the supplement industry. And perhaps supplements are not the kind of thing you want made the "artisan" small batch way. 

I confess that four years ago, before I knew better about this kind of thing and when I was dating someone who worked at the Foundation, I took this product. During that time I had some of the worst most painful periods I've ever had, which ceased when I discontinued it. Could just be a coincidence, but apparently I'm not the only one who had a bad experience. 


Update: Chris Masterjohn, who does have expertise in the subject of lipids, weighs in