Carboholic vs. Carnivore?


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These elders from the Troibriands (Kitava is part of this island chain) are clearly suffering from the effects of yam consumption. (more) Those carbs really catch up to you when you get old, especially since the islanders are only slightly more active than the average westerner. 

Whereas this raw reindeer eater is much superior on his diet of mostly meat. 

All in jest of course. Really, all of these men look healthy and certainly seem to have aged better than most Americans. I'm not against carnivory, but I personally don't see the need to restrict my diet to one that I find to be boring, expensive, and time-consuming when it doesn't seem like people eating unprocessed carbohydrates are exactly wreaked by them. 

In fact, given Western standards of lean beauty (which I would say are often totally unconnected to health and I personally don't expect to look like I do now once I am 60 and have had several children), the Islanders look much healthier and more attractive at any age, though there is probably more incentive to look great if you are going around without many clothes. I think a bad reaction to carbs is more a testament to a damaged metabolism, poor gut flora, or epigenetic problems than our evolutionary heritage.