Egg Freezing: A Sign Your Workplace Is A Dystopian HellHole

It's just too perfect. Facebook and Apple are offering its female employees free egg freezing. What a totally great way to get women interested in tech careers!

Invisible Women of Paleo

 I'm thrilled that Grub Street shut down its entire Chicago department so that instead of writing about Chicago’s vibrant food scene, they can publish garbage like this: The Rise of the Lady Paleos: How a Dubious Diet Aimed at Men Appeals to Women, Too.

What really struck me is how they linked to the New York Times article from 2010: 

When NOT to fast

Fasting, particularly the type known as intermittent fasting, has been popular in many health communities for awhile. Many people learn about it through Mark Sisson, Leangains, or Eat Stop Eat. Some people do it for weight loss, other people do it for its other potential benefits such as boosting cellular cleanup known as autophagy.

Why Women Need Fat

I read an advanced copy of Why Women Need Fat when I was moving and because things were so hectic, I didn't have time to review it before it was released. I haven't heard that much about it though, except for this interesting interview with one of the authors in Salon. It's co-authored by Dr. William D. Lassek and anthropologist Steven Gaulin. 

Oh Venus

 These is some interesting discussion on Primal Wisdom on the Venus of Willendorf, a figurine from the Upper Paleolithic. 

As this paper describes, the figurine is an uncannily accurate anatomically correct depiction of adiposity.

Don asserts that such figures are found throughout paleolithic sites in Europe, but I would view these in a different light

The Contraceptive pill: if we don't talk about it, it'll all be OK? Right?

 I was going to just do one big post on this subject, but the amount of information out there is so extravagant that perhaps I'll do several. I suspect this topic doesn't get much air because well, most bloggers don't want to relate personal anecdotes. And really, there are no really good solutions to this issue. 

Women's Set Points

I said I'd go to bed, but then I read something interesting. Lately there has been some discussion in the comments here about what level of body fat is healthy for women. Is it healthy for women to be as lean as men should be (below 18% body fat)? Some authors say yes. After all, don't women in third world refugee camps have babies all the time?