Can you do a vegan "paleo" diet?

 This year I did a vegan(and later semi-vegan) paleo self-experiment that I never wrote up. I guess I never wrote it up because it wasn't terribly successful and I didn't finish the run I wanted to try. I wanted to go for a month on this diet, but I only made it a week on totally vegan and two more weeks on a modified version. 

Stop Mummy Abuse

It's bad enough that I'm dead

Quick Cupcake and coconut oil coupon!

I'm not big on making desserts, but for special occasions this is a great quick recipe and I think it's quite a fun project for kids. It's also very filling and makes small servings, which makes it an ideal treat.

Amenorrhea and raw vegan woo

 Since a diet a raw vegan of only raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts is not an appropriate diet for our species, many people suffer from health problems on such diets. When I get comments from healthy long-term raw vegans here, I take it with a grain of salt since I know that people are so attached to the "purity" of raw vegan that they will engage in denialism before they admit they have a problem. 

Being Shellfish

Seaweed: An Ancient Celtic Food

 Lately one of the Asian groceries I go to started selling roasted Laver with olive oil. This is an important development, since in the past the only laver available at the store contained high omega-6 industrial oils like soybean or grapeseed. Also sesame oil, which is tasty, but still too high in omega-6.

NOOO NOT THE STARCHES: Plantains and cassava


When I saw these photos of an "uncontacted" tribe it became very clear to me that we must contact them as soon as possible. As you can see in the above photo, they are consumers of cassava, which is a starchy tuberous root. Someone has gotta tell them that all that starch will make them obese.

Transitioning to Eating Meat?

It's fitting that we'd follow up yesterday's interview with a read question about how to transition to meat eating:

Let Them Eat Meat??????

Have you checked out Let Them Eat Meat? If not, you definitely should. Filmmaker and writer Rhys Southan's blog explores the idea of veganism from the perspective of those who eventually gave it up (many of whom seem to adopt the paleo diet...). Why do people give up all animal products and why do some of those people eventually fold to the appeals of steak?

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