Dark Bedroom/Cold House

 When I was in high school and college I struggled with insomnia. The worst was when I lived in the dorms. Snoring roommate I hardly knew five feet away from me, sodium lamp light streaming in through the blinds, the ever-constant noise of slamming doors and drunken college students. I was constantly sick, constantly tired, almost always teetering on clinical depression. I missed class constantly, only getting by because like most colleges, the classes were a colossal waste of time and I could pass the tests just be reading the books.

Reducing Afternoon Fatigue Without Coffee

 Ever since I quit coffee, I've had some issues with afternoon fatigue. Around 2 I would just feel sleepy. I thought about this a little and concluded that lighting might be the issue. You see my office has standard craporific overhead lighting. Since most programmers have OCD or some other neurosis, they turn it off. I had a crappy desk lamp, but it wasn't very bright.

A wreck who eats well

Thanks for all the kind words yesterday! I have learned so much recently and had to face up the fact that eating paleo isn't going to erase staying up until 4 AM. So far my plan to get better includes:

1. Blackout curtains

2. Going to bed at a normal time and working normal hours

3. Morning sunlight

4. Not pressuring myself to do something all the time (easier said than done)

5. Meditation

6. Quitting the coffee treadmill

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