Foldable flats and flexible autumn boots

 While it seems like every other blogger was at the Ancestral Health Symposium, I was moving boxes and crappy furniture to my new apartment. That wasn't much fun, but I try to think of moving as an opportunity to reevaluate what you own. One of the things I owned was a pair of nice velvet ballet flats. I'd had them since high school, but since my feet seem to have shrunk I haven't worn them very much because they only fit with thick socks and if it's thick sock season I probably need to be wearing boots.

Fish, blood, lamb

 An old lady about half my size almost pushed me into a bucket of fish today. I had just wanted in to Isaacson and Stein and I was kind of disoriented. I felt like I hadn't walked into a fish shop, but a school of fish already organized in a way I could hardly comprehend. Immigrants from around the world, Chicago old-timers with heavy accents, cooks from restaurants, and a few random confused white people circling bins of every possible fish I could imagine. Mainly whole fish, of course.

Nuts + Nuts and Kings County Jerky

I hate to admit it, but I am not impressed by most farmer's markets. Particularly in NYC where an overwhelming number of them seem to have poor oversight of their vendors. Local is nice and all that, but it's certainly not by first priority and living near a major agricultural state (New Jersey), some of the local produce is pretty much what you can get at the grocery store. If you quiz most "farmers" are the farmer's market you will find most are paid vendors, not farmers, and most don't know jack about their production processes. 

Health Tip: Microbudgeting

 Maybe this doesn't work for everyone's vices, but if you are like me and your vices are $5 chocolate bars, then it works great. Every month I've been looking at my budget on I used to just have a lump sum for "Groceries" but I've found it's better for my budget and my health to break that down. My categories are

- Cowpooling/meatshare

- Other good things like condiments, vegetables, and fruits

- Treats

Shopping on Freshdirect

Frugal it's not, but for busy New York City professionals time is money and Freshdirect does save time. Luckily, their product line has also improved recently and there are several wild local seafood options and even a limited selection of grass-fed local meat. I usually only use Freshdirect if I'm working on an important project with a tight deadline. Despite being kind of expensive, it's a lot cheaper and healthier than the alternative when I'm busy...which is eating takeout.

So what's good at Freshdirect?

High Point Farms

Whole Foods Boycott?


Foraging at Yagura in Midtown

I packed the foods that would make up my lunch carefully: bright green arugula, crispy kale, a few clementines. I knew I had bacon from The Piggery in the fridge at the office and I envisioned a delicious stir fry. But somehow I managed to leave the entire bag on the table as I rushed to work.