Is Iodine Deficiency The Conscientious Gourmand's Disease?

Me shoveling seaweed in Scotland on the Isle of Mull, where it is used as a soil fertilizer and conditioner

The Future of Seafood

Last year I paid a visit to Miya's Sushi, in New Haven, a restaurant that tries* to be sustainable

Kelp Me Out!

Diminishing Marginal Paleo?

When I started out on paleo, I used to buy a container of almond butter every couple of days. Some of you might be thinking that it's a lot of omega-6, others might be thinking...what's the big deal? I think at the beginning of your paleo diet you shouldn't worry about omega-6 from whole foods like nuts. You will probably see great improvements, as I did, even on a diet dominated by nuts.

Seaweed and Gut Bacteria

Scientists have found that Japanese people seem to possess gut flora for digesting seaweed that Americans do not. The sample size for the bacteria collection is fairly small though. They theorize that the Japansese might have acquired the bacteria through eating raw seaweed. An interesting implication they make is that this bacteria not only affects the digestion of seaweed, but carbohydrates in general.

Food Porn

I found this picture and became jealous of my old self. I made this in Sweden. It was fish roe, sea buckthorn berries I collected in the autumn and froze, thyme from our window garden, and a real treat...early spring honey. We collected it our bee course because it was ending, but most beekeepers don't collect that early. It tasted heavily of airy sweet dandelions.

More Fresh Foods

Surprisingly enough, many people write to me asking what I eat and where I get it. I think it's boring, but I guess it's useful for many people, especially if you live in NYC. I haven't been good at posting the rest of my week, but here are some things I've been eating!

Eat Local, Eat Paleo

Omega-3 Roundup

Some readers have wondered: what's the big deal about these omega-3 fatty acids you have been talking about? So here is a list of important facts and why you should care about them.

Omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids are essential fatty acids that both have important roles to play. The scientific evidence shows that omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in the health of the heart and the brain as discussed in this post from Mark's Daily Apple on Fats.

Insane Factoid of the Day

 "I'm going to Florida. I'll stop my vitamin D because I'm going to lay in the sun." 
Wrong. 90% of adults over 40 years old have lost the majority of their ability to activate vitamin D in the skin. A typical response might be an increase in blood level from 25 to 35 ng/ml--a 10 ng increase with a dark brown tan.