Compulsion and complexity in food

When I was first becoming a foodie in college I decided to switch my major to food science. I registered for most of the required basic science courses, as well as the intro class for majors. Unfortunately that class is why I'm not a food scientist. It was taught by a former head food scientist from Kraft and you could have retitled it "how to sell massive and ever increasing amounts of garbage commodity foods to Americans." I remember in one lab we toured they were making crispy puffs out of some soy byproduct that they told us would otherwise go to waste.

Americans don't eat meat, they eat factory-farmed sugar-covered soybean oil drenched garbage

 I finally finished The End of Overeating. It has some great sections, but overall I had trouble finishing it because of the dry writing style. A lot of the food in the book blamed for overeating is meat.

Pringles...we're dooooooooomed!

I've been badly neglecting both the backend of this website and my writing on it. Someday I'll leave the rat race, but right now I'm in the thick of it.