Dr. Mcdougall is uncivilized

 One of the most hilarious articles I've come across lately is by low-fat vegan diet promoter Dr. McDougall. It's titled The Paleo Diet Is Uncivilized (And Unhealthy and Untrue). Who the hell uses words like "uncivilized" these days? The whole time I was reading it, I imagined Dr. McDougall as a snobby British gentleman with a tophat and monocle, as well as a Richard Dawkins-like scowl, pontificating on the savages. 

Does Eating Nose To Tail Make A Difference?

 Jonathan Safran Foer is an excellent novelist who unfortunately has become the media's go-to guy for meat criticism despite that fact that his credentials on the subject at that he is a vegetarian (or vegan depending on his mood when you ask).

The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail at Home

Fergus Henderson
The seminal cookbook on cooking offal. Many of the recipes are perfectly easy for the home cook- particular those for heart and bone marrow.
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Offal Scary

Bets asks "Where does one even buy an eye or a nose to eat? The thought of peeling a tongue invokes pain to my core. That said, I never say never and am game."


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The Bo Bo Chicken Review I

It's not easy finding good chicken. In America, chicken has become almost like tofu in its blandness. It's a boring food for picky eaters who want something both low in fat and flavor. It doesn't have to be this way. A good chicken has its own flavor and holds up favorably to a good steak in deliciousness.

More Banned Food

Another nutritious food that is banned in the US is haggis, the traditional Scottish sheep offal delicacy. There were some reports this week that the ban had been lifted, but alas, these were squashed.