Potatoes Make You Fat? Or Omega-6 makes you fat?

 This morning I clicked on this headline at Grub Street "It's official: Potatoes make you fat. Which still explains nothing about why the French are not obese. [WSJ]"

No, it's not about potatoes, but about potato products:

Oh Venus

 These is some interesting discussion on Primal Wisdom on the Venus of Willendorf, a figurine from the Upper Paleolithic. 

As this paper describes, the figurine is an uncannily accurate anatomically correct depiction of adiposity.

Don asserts that such figures are found throughout paleolithic sites in Europe, but I would view these in a different light

The Food Revolution?

Reading the fat acceptance bloggers  on Jamie Oliver's new show, is a typical argument of theirs goes like "Food Revolution is awful because it is portraying fat people as unhealthy! Plenty of skinny people are unhealthy too, but they target the fat people for shaming!"

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