Sorry, hunter-gatherers are no excuse to sit around and chug heavy cream bacon shots

 I've noticed a few people tweeting this new paper, titled Hunter-Gatherer Energetics and Human Obesity, but I haven't seen many blog posts about it. Some of the tweets are to the effect of "haha, total proof that eat less, move more is a farce." 

The Darker Side of "The Original Affluent Society"

 This is one of the better articles I've read lately. It addresses serious errors common to works that cite the Paleolithic and foraging societies at being an apex of human welfare. Some of these errors include 

Feel-Good Hunter-Gatherer Chronicles Part 1

 Recently I've been reading lots of papers and working through data on violence and pathological conditions during the paleolithic. I think there is a tendency to view paleolithic hunter-gatherers as brutes or angels. I admit I've fallen for both betrayals. When I was young I thought of historical progress as being a march away from our natural brutish Hobbesian condition.

How ancient is ambivalence towards meat?

 Katharine Milton: Do you really think ancestral humans went out and said, “We’re going out to get some French fries today”? No, they said, “With any luck, praying to the sun God, or whomever we revere, we’re hoping to get something to eat.” They don’t care what it is—a lizard, an elephant, a bunch of fruit, roots, a bunch of grubs.

Plants That We Eat

One of the views that I get the most email about is my assertion that Inuit ate and still do eat plants. I have gotten dozens of emails saying I am wrong because of

1. Vilhjalmur Stefansson, an explorer, said so, in Fat of the Land

2. My professor/cousin/best friend's daughter lived with the Inuit and said they didn't eat any plants

Quick Note: is Fasting really Paleo?

I keep seeing things about how fasting isn't paleo because the paleolithic was an environment of abundance. So? So is Brooklyn, that doesn't mean we eat all the time.

Ever just not feel like cooking? Ever plan your day badly and end up skipping breakfast? I wouldn't be surprised if hunter-gatherers did the same. After all, butchering animals IS tough work.



With most big proponents of the paleo diet being male and the general taboo against this subject, it's not surprising that menstruation and the paleo diet is little discussed. That's a shame, because the beneficial effects of the paleo diet on menstruation is one of the main reasons I keep to the diet.